Sunday, June 29, 2008

5. 3,494 souvenir Baseballs and still going strong

DENVER (AP) — Zack Hample can beg for a baseball in 32 languages, including Swahili, Swedish and sign.
The baseball-seeking savant from Manhattan has tricks galore to help him snare a prized souvenir at a major league game...more

4. The Scientific analysis of Tiger's Knee

Tiger Woods revealed last week that he'd been playing golf on a bum left knee for nearly a year. And he hadn't been doing badly: Recently, he finished second at the Master's and won the U.S. Open after forcing a playoff last week....more

3. A history of Shaq v. Kobe (Top 10)

Here are the top 10 highlights of this fabulous feud.

1. Two wills, one basketball

While winning three consecutive NBA titles in Los Angeles, O'Neal and Bryant kept their differences largely under control. But when the Lakers opened the 2002-03 season in a serious funk, the tension became palpable.

Bryant questioned Shaq's commitment to conditioning given the big fella's excessive weight and chronic foot injuries. In turn, O'Neal regarded Kobe as a shot hog.

"I'm just going to play within the flow of the game," Bryant said at the time. "If people want to criticize that, they're going to criticize that."

(At least these two agreed on one thing that year: They weren't to blame for the team's demise. That fell on the team's ineffective role players. Looking at you, Samaki Walker.)

2. Thrown under the bus

Kobe delivered the most personal salvo in 2003 while being questioned about rape allegations against him in Eagle, Colo., after a local resort employee accused him of sexual assault....more

2. UGA Mascot Dies of Congestive Heart Failure

ATHENS, Ga. -- Uga VI, the beloved University of Georgia mascot, has died from congestive heart failure at his home in Savannah.

The bulldog's owner, Frank Seiler, said he had the best winning record of any mascot in the school's history....more

1. Dodgers become 5th team in History to Win Without a Hit!

The Dodgers became the fifth team in modern major league history to win a game in which they didn't get a hit, defeating the Angels 1-0. Weaver's error on a slow roller led to an unearned run by the Dodgers in the fifth....more